Join the fight to end violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation of people with disability by engaging with the Disability Royal Commission.

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What’s next?

The Disability Royal Commission finished accepting submissions in 2022. Their final report is due by September 2023.

That’s when disability representative organisations, people with disability and our allies get to work advocating for governments to implement key recommendations with appropriate speed and scale. The DRC’s job will be done, and it will be up to the community to hold governments accountable and press them to respond to the report with serious positive change for people with disability.

Find out more about the changes PWDA called for in our DRC submissions.

What happens when the final report is published?

The Disability Royal Commission may not make all the same recommendations that we would – or that you would. Media and public discussion in the second half of 2023 may be confronting for our community, as public figures and news outlets react to the report and make statements about controversial issues with very real effects on people with disability. It’s important to support each other as a community, and to set boundaries around our engagement with this discourse as individuals.

Here are some ways you can prepare:

  • Organise support and self-care in advance, whatever that means to you. Warn family and friends that the final report is coming up, and tell them what you need from them. Free counselling is available for people with disability, their families and carers, and anyone affected by the Disability Royal Commission.
  • Connect with other people with disability – we’re stronger together. Consider becoming a member of PWDA, and/or another Disabled People’s Organisation or local peer support group.
  • Get informed. The more you understand about the issues, the more confident you can be when they come up in conversation. Check out our DRC resources for explanations and links to more information.
  • Line up your allies. Does your local member of parliament support disability rights? Let them know how important the government’s response to the DRC recommendations is to you and your community.
  • Think about your limits. Are there some topics you want to avoid altogether, or discuss only with people you know and trust? You can:
    • Prepare and practice a polite way to end or redirect a conversation.
    • Mute or block certain keywords on social media.
    • Ask someone you trust to check in with you if you seem to be engaging in a way that isn’t good for you.

    As always, if you need support advocating for your rights around any kind of disability issue, PWDA’s individual advocacy services are free, independent and confidential. Find out more at our website.