Join the fight to end violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation of people with disability by engaging with the Disability Royal Commission.

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An institutional-looking bedroom with a single bed and chair and a rolling table.Next week, the Royal Commission continues to look into how disability service can providers prevent and respond to violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation. They will ask questions about two case studies involving group homes run by Life Without Barriers. Find out more about group homes on our disability housing page.

Catch-up: Disability rights 🤝 workers' rights

A Black person with short, thick hair and prescription glasses sits at an organized workstation, using a magnification app to navigate a webpage. Their posture is proper and relaxed. On the desk: a computer, a mouse, a large desk lamp and a small notebook.

Image by Sherm for Disabled And Here

Missed the last hearing? Find out about the barriers to open employment for people with disability and what needs to change to let us participate in the workforce on an equal basis in our latest update. Plus, check out our brand new employment-related jargon buster and read the latest Our Voice blog post by Liz Hall-Downs about how hard it is to find a job as a person with disability.

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Our Voice
A woman onstage with a harp and a microphone.

I just wanted a job!

Industrial laws and practices favour people who can work a 40 hour week, every week, between particular set hours. Those who require more flexibility are often overlooked, even though they can get the job done perfectly well – just not in the usual 9-5 fashion.

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Six disabled people of color smile and pose in front of a concrete wall. Five people stand in the back, with the Black woman in the center holding up a chalkboard sign reading

Fighting for the right to authentic inclusion

PWDA would like the Disability Royal Commission to examine the ways in which people with disability are actively excluded in essential areas of life. We want segregated systems phased out, and universal access as the standard.

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Talking about violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation can be difficult. Here are some useful numbers and links to websites for support.