Join the fight to end violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation of people with disability by engaging with the Disability Royal Commission.

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Disability advocates call for deeper examination of issues as Disability Royal Commission submissions come to an end

A joint submission to the Disability Royal Commission outlining gaps in the scope of work undertaken to date and issues that require further examination.

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Three Black and disabled people raising their fists on the sidewalk in front of a white wall.

Vision for realising our human rights – new PWDA submission to the Disability Royal Commission

PWDA's latest submission to the Disability Royal Commission says we must fix systemic exclusion and segregation through a human rights lens.

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Our Voice
An elderly white woman pensively leaning against a glass wall or window

Feeling heard by the Disability Royal Commission

I want to share my concerns about the State Trustees in my home state, says Jane. I feel they have acted unfairly and insensitively to myself as a person with disability.

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JOINT MEDIA RELEASE: Royal Commission to hear from culturally and linguistically diverse people with disability

This week, the Disability Royal Commission is holding a public hearing about experiences of violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation for people with disability who come from culturally and linguistically diverse (CaLD) backgrounds.

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Our Voice
black and white photo showing blurry pedestrians from above

The elephant in the room: disability discrimination in public spaces

Can the Disability Royal Commission change the way non-disabled people think and act? Maybe, but while the system makes it easy for non-disabled people to kick us while we’re down, while the system lacks balls, bullies will know they can get away with it.

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Media Releases
dark photo of keys on a reflective surface

MEDIA RELEASE: Housing action long overdue for people with disability

Ahead of next week's public hearing on homelessness and insecure housing, we have released a joint statement outlining concerns and recommendations around housing for people with disability.

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Our Voice
Stock photo of a young blonde girl wearing denim covering her face with her hands while curled up in a concrete alcove

Group homes and foster care – an Our Voice blog by Kimberly Lander

What haunts me most, writes Kimberly Lander, is the thought that my experiences as a young person are still the experiences of young people in foster care and disability group homes now.

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Our Voice
A stop sign with 'ABUSE' written on it, against a blue sky.

Women with Disability in Abusive Relationships

It has been my experience that people imagine they have a rightful position of power and control over women and girls with disabilities, writes Jamie-Lee Dwyer. It is this kind of power and control that can be abused by family, caregivers, or partners.

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Our Voice
Social distancing instructions painted on asphalt with the text COVID-19 and icons showing people walking in separate lanes

Navigating COVID-19 as someone from the Blind & Low Vision Community

We need a seat at the table to create a COVID response that’s designed for all Australians – not just the ones that can see.

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Our Voice
Illustration of a woman looking at an org chart.

Working below the poverty line: Jacy’s Australian Disability Enterprise Story

How did I wind up at an Australian Disability Enterprise (ADE)?

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