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The Force is excessive: New report says police unfit to handle disability

We need to stop using the blunt instrument of police to address complicated social problems, and we need to bring back and increase funding for the people who are actually best placed to unravel those problems.

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What’s in the COVID19 disability vaccine rollout debacle report?

Here are some highlights (or possibly lowlights) from the scathing Disability Royal Commission draft report about the COVID 19 vaccine rollout.

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Disability Royal Commission report backs push to speed up COVID vax rollout for people with disability

Disability advocates say the Federal Government needs to heed the Disability Royal Commission’s latest call for improved vaccination measures to protect the lives of people with disability before states start to open up from COVID lockdowns.

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Confidential submissions finally guaranteed by law

After a long campaign by the disability community, the government has finally changed the Royal Commissions Act 1912 to make sure anyone telling their story to the Disability Royal Commission can have their privacy protected.

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