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Illustration of a woman looking at an org chart.

Working below the poverty line: Jacy’s Australian Disability Enterprise Story

How did I wind up at an Australian Disability Enterprise (ADE)?

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Our Voice
Torso level photo of three Black and disabled folx (a non-binary person holding a cane, a non-binary person in a power wheelchair, and a femme on a folding chair) raising their fists on the sidewalk in front of a white wall.

My queer, disabled body and the struggle for safety in healthcare

Being queer, trans, disabled and mad is an experience of joy, beauty, community and safety. Despite this, I am yet to meet another person with the same shared identities that hasn’t also experienced abuse, violence, neglect or exploitation.

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Our Voice
A sillhouetted person wearing a hoodie and facing away from the camera sits on the ground in the dark, lit by dim streetlights.

DES: Demoralised, Exploited, Stuck

Nothing about my DES experience has helped me, writes Arietta. I do not matter - and never will - to a system that is designed to squeeze profit out of me with no care for my well-being.

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Our Voice
A woman onstage with a harp and a microphone.

I just wanted a job!

Industrial laws and practices favour people who can work a 40 hour week, every week, between particular set hours. Those who require more flexibility are often overlooked, even though they can get the job done perfectly well – just not in the usual 9-5 fashion.

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