Join the fight to end violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation of people with disability by engaging with the Disability Royal Commission.

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Are the things I tell the Disability Royal Commission about confidential?

Private Sessions

In most cases, your identity, and anything you share during a private session, can be kept private and confidential if you ask, even after the Disability Royal Commission is over.

In some very specific circumstances; for example, if an Australian law has been broken, the Disability Royal Commission may consider it appropriate to give some of the information you provide to the police.


As it stands, a submission made to the Disability Royal Commission can be kept private and confidential, but only until the Royal Commission ends. After that, a submission may be accessed by somebody who asks for it with a freedom of information request.

PWDA and our allies recently ran a campaign to have submissions sealed, even after the Royal Commission ends. The government has now committed to making this happen in Autumn 2021.

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Important: Information on this website should not be considered legal advice. Free legal advice for people who want to speak to the Disability Royal Commission can be found here.


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