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Our Voice
A bare, drab room with a small window, peeling paint and a hospital wheelchair.

Visits to the hospital

Pippin Latham writes about their experiences visiting hospitals.

Content warning: Mentions of suicidal ideation and descriptions of restrictive practices.

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Our Voice
Photograph of Heidi Everett, a middle-aged white woman with a bright smile, wearing a red vest and scarf. Behind her is a brick wall.

I used to know, and love, my mind

Heidi Everett writes about “Psychotropic medication, behaviour support and behaviours of concern”.

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Our Voice
Three face masks hanging from the dashboard of a car.

Supporting our support workers

Interacting with people while infected with COVID-19 may become unavoidable if the person has no alternative arrangements. For many disabled people, isolation is not an option, writes Claudia Forsberg.

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Our Voice
A white metal sign, with rust around the edges, hanging on a wood wall, reading

Welcome to my world

Disabled people are not employed to speak for ourselves. We are rarely in leadership positions which allow us to drive the debate about what disabled people need during natural disasters. The truth is, we are being ignored, as usual, despite the efforts of some...

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