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Black stencil art of a medical mask and the word

When the Government asked people to wear masks, there was no consideration given to those who are hard of hearing

There is a shared frustration, a sense of déjà vu, among people with disabilities, every time we have to remind people to be more considerate of our needs. How many times must it be said: ‘Nothing about us, without us?’ writes Charbel Zada.

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Our Voice
A white woman wearing a wool jumper, beanie, glasses and a black face mask, sits on a front porch with a box of groceries, holding up packets of toilet rolls.

Challenge rejected! 5 isolation challenges of a COVID-19 high-risker

I am bursting to talk about what my friends and I need during the pandemic. However, the opportunities for me to speak out have been fewer than usual and I am being shouted down for my views more loudly, writes Carlie Park.

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Our Voice
Protective medical mask on yellow background surrounded with colourful pills and a thermometer.

We are not disposable – disability and the health system during COVID-19

For many disabled people, hospitals are already traumatic places where we are spoken over, invalidated and dehumanised, writes Vanamali Hermans.

Content Warning: This blog post contains descriptions of medical violence, trauma, ableism and death.

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Update: The Disability Royal Commission has released a summary of responses to its issues paper on Employment.

In a summary of responses to the Disability Royal Commission’s “Employment issues paper” published today, several respondents singled out Disability Employment Services (DES) and raised numerous concerns about their design and implementation.

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