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It is vitally important that the voices of people with disability are prioritised during the Disability Royal Commission. Pieces written or produced by members of the public with disability can be found here.

The blog posts do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of People with Disability Australia (PWDA). Blog posts are contributed by individual people with disability in response to our call for pitches, and lightly edited by our Communications team. PWDA disclaims any liability for the accuracy and sufficiency of the information in these blog posts, excluding any editor’s notes that may be added.

Our Voice
An empty classroom with a blackboard and desks lining each side. There is teacher's desk at the front of the class and a map of the wall to the right.

The adventures of the boy who was told he’d never speak

For Year 7, I started at a little school in the NSW outback with an enrolment of 150 students from K-12. At first, there were no problems, then things started to go wrong, writes William McIntosh.

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Our Voice
Pink and red, white and blue pill capsules on a pink textured surface.

Bad medication

A bad experience with medication can leave lasting trauma and close us off to truly helpful and positive use later, writes Ashley Waite.

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Our Voice
A bare, drab room with a small window, peeling paint and a hospital wheelchair.

Visits to the hospital

Pippin Latham writes about their experiences visiting hospitals.

Content warning: Mentions of suicidal ideation and descriptions of restrictive practices.

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Our Voice
Photograph of Heidi Everett, a middle-aged white woman with a bright smile, wearing a red vest and scarf. Behind her is a brick wall.

I used to know, and love, my mind

Heidi Everett writes about “Psychotropic medication, behaviour support and behaviours of concern”.

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